Bluetooth Headset Camcorder

May 24th, 2011

Bluetooth Headset Camcorder

When it comes to hands-free communication on the phone, the bluetooth device is ever so useful and functional. But with the Bluetooth Headset Camcorder, even voice and video recording will be hassle and hands free.

The Bluetooth Headset Camcorder is able to record and transmit video to any smart phone with a resolution of 480p at 30fps. It can also wirelessly send MPEG4 recordings with ease. Of course, you’ll need your phone to align the camcorder properly but you can wear the device in your ear to capture whatever you want.

Not just for recording audio and video, the Bluetooth Headset Camcorder allows noise cancellation, volume control and one-touch call control.

Identity Theft Prevention Stamp

May 10th, 2011

Identity Theft Prevention Stamp

Modern thieves today don’t need to get inside your home just to steal from you. All they need is your trash pile. If you are prone to discarding mail containing your bank account numbers, credit card numbers and others without perforating them, you are in deep trouble. Identity thieves will feast on your trash and steal all your finances from you if you don’t do anything.

The Identity Theft Prevention Stamp will help you conceal any important information on paper without the need of scissors or a paper shredder. Equipped with fast-drying permanent ink that’s also waterproof, the Identity Theft Prevention Stamp allows you to imprint 385 characters in one swoop. The characters are in bold sans-serif font that would make any black text completely indecipherable.

Password Vault

April 26th, 2011

Password Vault

If James Bond has to memorize a lot of passwords, he’ll definitely have some gadget to store it all.

The Password Vault eliminates the need to write down important account information on paper or having one password for all accounts because of the fact that you won’t be able to remember them. Similar to a cellphone in terms of size, the Password Vault comes with an LCD, slide-out keyboard as well as a button scroll.

A total of 400 account records can be store in the Password Vault and all can be accessed by entering an initial password. Five unsuccessful attempts of the initial password will lock the device to protect the owner.

iPhone Spy Stick

April 12th, 2011

iPhone Spy Stick

Are you itching to get information on someone’s iPhone? As much as you tried to search the entire contents of the mobile phone, you know you won’t find anything because it has already been deleted. There still is one thing you can do, though. It is time to use the iPhone Spy Stick.

The iPhone Spy Stick allows you to recover text messages, calls, saved maps, contact lists, appointments etc. even though these has been deleted on the phone. To start recovering information, you just plug in the stick to the iPhone you want to download data from and you’re done!

Once you’ve downloaded the data you want, you can save it to your computer or to other storage devices.

HD Waterproof Spy Watch

March 29th, 2011

HD Waterproof Watch Camera

The HD Waterproof Spy Watch is truly fit for a sophisticated spy ala-James Bond. From the looks alone, people will not realize that it doesn’t just tell the time.

This manly watch allows wearers to take numerous pictures, record audio and record high definition videos. With its built in 4 gigabyte memory, there’s plenty of space for several spy outings. It can also be connected to the PC via included USB cable to be able to store more content. The HD Waterproof Spy Watch is rechargeable and one full charge can provide up to 2 hours of recordings.

Because it is waterproof, you can use the spy watch in water or in harsh weather.

Encore Multi-Purpose USB MP3 Player

March 15th, 2011

Encore Multi Purpose USB MP3 Player

Spy gadgets are not just spies anymore. These items are of great use for one’s daily routine and they are gaining even more popularity with the masses. The most sought after spy gadgets has to be those with multiple functions just like the Encore Multi-Purpose USB Player.

The Encore Multi-Purpose USB MP3 Player is able to play MP3s but it can also be used as a 4 gigabyte flash memory drive. Not only that, it also has a built in camera and camcorder to let you take picture and videos on the go.

Very compact and portable, the Encore Multi-Purpose USB MP3 Player measures 1.6” X 1.1” X 0.4”.

Hand Paper Shredder

March 1st, 2011

Hand Paper Shredder

No matter how old or useless a certain document is to you, you must properly discard it if contains any personal information. Effective disposal of documents does not just mean you just put them inside the trash can and forget about it. You must also shred them into tiny pieces so no one can read them.

For less than $30, you can destroy documents with the Hand Paper Shredder. Doesn’t require any batteries or electricity, the Hand Paper Shredder perforates notes, bills, pictures and so much more.

The Hand Paper Shredder is compact and very portable so take it anywhere with you. You never know when you’ll need to destroy important evidences of sort.

Portable USB Handheld Shredder


Buying your own paper shredder is a great investment. This wonderful machine will help you prevent thieves from stealing any important information from you. But what if you are constantly on the go and out of your home?

The Portable USB Handheld Shredder is the solution for all your shredding needs while on the go. You don’t have to manually shred documents, lug around your heavy paper shredder (not that it’s an option, anyway) or find an electrical outlet just to have a piece of mind.

Able to shred documents that are about 10 inches in size, this USB powered paper shredder runs also run on four AA batteries if preferred.

Electronic Spy Camera Shirt

February 15th, 2011

Electronic Spy Camera Shirt

No one will ever think that a spy artwork can actually do actual spy work. Don on the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt and feel like James Bond on his laundry day.

The Electronic Spy Camera Shirt has a built-in, fully functioning spy camera. This camera has a cable that connects to a small black box with a button which you need to press to capture evidence. The black box is discreet and fits easily inside the pocket.

Meant for day use, the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt can capture up to 150 colored digital photos in a 640 x 480 resolution. A USB connection is required to download photos to the PC.

Waterproof Notebook

January 22nd, 2011

Waterproof Notebook

Do you often come up with wonderful ideas for everything and anything in the bathroom? Did you ever want to write something important down while walking in the rain?

Finally with the Waterproof Notebook, you can jot down your fantastic sales pitches, spontaneous song lyrics and other quick notes before you can forget them. This totally waterproof notebook allows you write with wet hands and even when in the shower, bath or swimming pool.

The Waterproof Notebook comes with a pencil and 80 pages of waterproof paper. The notebook has a classy black cover with an elastic strap to keep t closed and the pencil in place. It measures 10 X 15 X 3 centimeters.

Jakks Pacific SpyNet Video Watch

January 8th, 2011

JAKKS SpyNet Video Watch

Okay, this spy watch from Jakks Pacific kind of looks like a cheap kids’ watch. But wait until you see what it can do!

The Jakks Pacific SpyNet Video Watch is equipped with an audio recorder that can store up to three hours of audio. It has a camera lens that can take photos and capture 20 minutes of video footage. The best feature of this watch has to be the snake camera that allows you sneak peeks around corners.

You also have the option to view the videos on the Jakks Pacific SpyNet Video Watch’s 1.4” screen. This spy watch costs around $50.